Why choose Safe4life?

At Safe 4 Life Driver Training we pride ourselves on the quality and standard of our Instructors and the level of instruction we deliver, we are confident that you will not find any other driving school which can match our knowledge, reliability and commitment to teaching to a very high standard.

Our aim is not just to get candidates up to test standard but to get them to a level of driving that makes them safe drivers on the road, you will hear many times the expression “you only start to learn to drive when you’ve passed your test”, this is true to a certain degree because you’ll need to gain experience, but the better your standard is when you pass and start driving on your own the safer you’ll be and the more confident you’ll be, so the quicker you improve and gain more experience.

All our Instructors when taking candidates to test will inform the office of the result of the test, pass or fail and details of any faults committed by the candidates; this helps us to monitor the performance of the Driving School and to work together as a team to improve on areas of our instruction. This can be seen on our test results page (these are TRUE figures).

Our bench mark for the standard of driving by one of our candidates having taken a test is by the amount of driving faults (minor faults if you prefer) committed on the test

We firmly believe that if you don’t commit many faults then you’re unlikely to commit more serious faults, so the standard of your driving is very high and the standard of instruction you received must also have been very high.

Things are true in many walks of life and one of those is that you only get what you pay for, as the saying goes; IF YOU PAY PEANUTS THEN YOU’LL GET MONKEYS. With our instructors you can be sure that the time and money you put into your lessons will not be wasted by sitting at the kerbside or constantly practicing the manoeuvres but learning to drive at a level you’ll be SAFE 4 LIFE and our test result figures back this up, see also our customer reviews.