Under 17’s

Under 17’s Learn To Drive Safely At Our Unique “Off-Road” Site

  • Start as young as 14 years old
  • No driving licence required!
  • Largest site of its kind in the area
  • Open Saturdays only

Safe4Life Driver Training specialises in driving lessons for 14-16 year olds, based at our special off-road training site in the West Midlands, UK. Watch the video below to see the course in action, and take the first step to the freedom of the road!

Our Under17’s learner driver tuition course offers a superb opportunity to teenage pupils to gain a head start and get valuable driving experience before going onto the roads. Learners are instructed professionally on handling a car in a controlled and safe environment in their own time without the fear of causing disruptions and problems for other road users. Safe4Life Driver Training provides a hign level of driver training to its customers in the hope they will continue to use the skills and knowledge obtained during their training course throughout the rest of their driving life, and not just to perform for an examiner on a driving test. Our aim is to educate and develop trainees to create safer drivers for the roads in the future.

Where to Find Us

Our off-road driving course is located at The Link Academy, Simms Lane, Netherton, Dudley, DY2 0PB (formally known as Hillcrest School)  VIEW MAP.

Our training centre for driving lessons for 14-16 year olds is a large area away from the public roads, with courses laid out with cones to simulate a real road layout and environment. The courses are continually altered to help our trainees learn different road skills and build confidence in various road situations.

Friends and family members can look on from their own cars in a safe area away from the teaching area.

The Course Syllabus

  1. Introduction and eyesight check (read vehicle number plate)
  2. Main controls of the car.
  3. How to start the car safely and steer the car.
  4. How to move off and make normal stops.
  5. How to use the mirror-signal-manouvre routine (MSM)
  6. Changing up and down gears.
  7. Approach to turn left & right from major to minor roads.
  8. Emerging either left or right from minor to major roads.
  9. Dealing with crossroads.
  10. All about roundabouts.
  11. How to do a turn in the road (3 point turn).
  12. How to reverse straight, left & right into a limited space.
  13. Reverse parking around a car (parallel parking).
  14. Reverse parking into bay.
  15. Emergency stop.
  16. Ancillary controls e.g lights, wipers, heaters & demisters.
  17. Theory knowledge and hazard perception.

Most subjects will be completed on the off-road driving course, but others will be done on the roads.

If you are interested in finding out more about our driving lessons for 14-16 year olds, please contact for more information.

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